Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 6 (Thursday)

February 6 (Thursday) - After shoveling (finally) for 90 minutes and wrecking my back, I headed down to the mill for the normal 10 Miles in an easy 75 minutes (just going through the motions)...but this time I cranked it up to the mythical %1 grade for the duration.  Afterwards, 10 laps of the pool at a quicker tempo with less rest in between laps (yes I usually have to catch my breath in between laps).  Then some stretching in the hot tub before heading home and crashing. Felt like death running tonight...but I ran. Again.  Good news is that nothing hurts.  Bad news is that my body is severely reacting to whatever plague Dave Dunham unleashed on me at Beaver Brook when he coughed on me during the warmup.

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