Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 5 (Wednesday)

February 5 (Wednesday) - Sick. Sore throat. Rough night of sleep (or lack of). Work all day and didn't get done until later than usual.  Ran outside to go to the mill and realized I hadn't shoveled and we got 10 inches of snow and there was a nice snowbank I had to break through at the end of my driveway to get out.  Threw it into 4wd and just busted on through.  Up to the mill (reluctantly) for the usual 10.  Good that even when I'm sick and have zero motivation on an awful day, I can still sneak a run in.  That's what consistency does to you.  10 Miles in 65:49.  A little quicker than a normal jaunt on the mill for me, but it is needed if I'm going to get sharp.  Got 10 laps in the pool afterwards, which always makes me feel better.  Had the place all to myself.

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