Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3 (Monday)

February 3 (Monday) - Felt like crap all day.  Definitely caught something (probably whatever Double-D had on Saturday)... Last night I started to feel it and was hurting all day today.  Had absolutely no motivation or energy to run today but at around 5:30 I decided to get out.  I headed down to the Mill to renew my membership (but now just 1 month at a time) which ran out on 1/31.  I then hopped on the mill.  I thought about getting off at 3 miles....4 miles... 5 miles... 6 miles.  I sucked it up and did the full 10 Miles (easy) but felt horrible doing it.   Even running slow I was just really zapped.  Definitely have another head cold on it's way. 75:00...about as slow as it gets.  Legs feel OK even after the longer (time-wise) effort yesterday in the snow, and the quick race on Saturday.   Chatted a bit w/ Darin Brown who was just finishing up his workout when I was going in there.  He belted out some more repeat miles in 5:20s or so.  Solid.  I wish I had that energy right now.

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