Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 23 (Sunday)

February 23 (Sunday) - 17 miles total in 2 runs.   10 miles in the AM with Paul Kirsch and Kyla Brustin.  We did the 'Staples' loop but started at Meeting House Hill Rd. in Conway and hit the snowmobile trails (clockwise).  We all wore Microspikes.  The snow was soft but manageable.  I did 8 with Paul and Kyla and then added on 2 more (out and back) on the Rec trail.  Nice temps and beautiful day out.  Legs felt ok but still really tight.  [1:30:21 total]. Played Dad for the rest of the day...  Then did 7 miles in the PM (headlamp run) from Kevin's house in Conway.  We did an out and back on Stark Rd.  Calves were a bit tight and twinging on the way back. [52:43].  A good 2 hours 20+ minutes of running in today on bad legs.  Not too bad.  Nice and easy miles for a while (and lots of stretching) until I start to loosen up. I think the treadmill miles really took it's toll. Ended the week with 50.4 miles on 5 days running with 2 days off and no racing (which was a smart move in the end).  I had 6 runs though.  Not an awful week numbers-wise but awful in the sense that I got beat up out of nowhere.  Resting up now for a fun weekend next weekend in VT at Snowshoe Nationals.  I hope by then I have everything straightened out so I can get through the tough 10K course Tivo has setup.

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