Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 20 (Thursday)

February 20 (Thursday) - Got out earlier in the afternoon for a spin in relatively mild weather w/ Doc Darin Brown.  7.4 miles (High St. loop from train station).  The plan was to run the loop w/ Darin from the Silver Lake train station and then run the 1.75 or so home from there after.  The roads were ok, with only the upper Tamworth sections pretty snowy (and on the way back on N.Division rd).  My foot's been wonky the past couple days and today I was really favoring it.  Around 5 miles my right calf went on me again and I had to stop to stretch.  I am just super tight and am trying to run on twisted muscles at this point. I have to get some work done and do some extensive stretching before testing this out in a longer road effort.  I ended up only getting through the 7.4 and called it before I got hurt.  I could have probably run slow back to the house but didn't want to test it.  I'm not going to test anything at DH Jones this weekend and most likely not at the SS race either.  I can't see myself getting through 10 miles on the roads with my legs like this. A short SS race may be a possibility but I doubt it.  I may just try to run easy this weekend and try to get loose or it's going to be a missed SS Nationals next weekend if I can't get this behind me.

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