Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19 (Wednesday)

February 19 (Wednesday) - Worked late.  Didn't get to leave the house until 7pm.  My desire to run was pretty minimal at best.  It was (believe it or not) snowing again and had been for most of the day.  I headed over to The Mill for 10 miles (70:36). The cardio is really coming along but my legs are trashed. I am just really tight and stiff.  I think sitting for a good part of the day is to blame...I may have to stand a bit more and move around more during the day when I'm on calls, etc.  I also think the treadmill running is starting to beat me up.  It felt really good running on the road last night.  I cannot wait until all this white crap is gone.  Enough already.  Snowshoe running blah blah blah, cross country skiing blah blah blah, downhill skiing blah blah blah, snowmobiling blah blah blah, tubing/sledding blah blah blah STOP IT.  Enough is enough.  Next winter I'm going to rent the house out and spend time down south...I don't know how the older folks (like Leslie) do it.  I'm still 'young' and I can't handle it anymore.


  1. I never thought the day would come where you would complain about winter weather. I actually stopped whining about the snow on my blog because I was afraid you'd say something like, "It's New England, get used to it."

  2. Women just get better with age.