Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17 (Monday)

February 17 (Monday) - Had the day off from work but still managed to not go outside due to the frigid temps, overabundance of snow, and laziness.  I spent the day watching Tabby walk all around the house, pick things up, throw them down, and just be a typical 14 month old... we watched some Olympics on the tube, about 16 episodes of Spongebob, and then we played the never ending game of 'let me drink a bottle of milk, poop myself, and then you change me'.  She loves that one.  Somewhere around 6pm I decided to head over to The Mill for the usual 10 miles on the mill.  75 minutes.  Nice and easy.  Watching the calf to make sure it doesn't blow up on me. It actually was fine.  The legs felt a little beat but not terrible.  I did some lifting and stretching after.  It is school vacation week up here so King Pine and Purity Spring are a nightmare.  There was probably about 7000 kids in the pool all at once so I didn't even bother to try to get some laps in.  It would have felt good, but I think it will be a week before I can get near that pool again.

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