Monday, February 17, 2014

February 16 (Sunday)

February 16 (Sunday)

Weekly Recap:
Days Running: 6
Total Runs: 9
 - Treadmill: 5
 - Snowshoe: 1
 - Trail/Snow: 1
 - Road: 2
Total Races: 1
Total Miles: 60

Reluctant to get out (because of the calf) despite the amazing day outside, I finally (eventually) hit the mill for an easy 6 miles in 45 min to cap off the week.  The calf was a non issue at 7:30 pace on the mill.  60 miles on 6 days is good enough for me right now.  Had to take the unfortunate day after my calf tweaked so I need to watch that so I can get through another week before going to DH Jones.  I'm not expecting much but it will nice to get another road race under my belt and get back into GP action (despite the fact I am not really a fan of most of the GP races this year ...just a personal preference).  I wouldn't normally even think about going to run that race if it wasn't the 10 mile championship every once in a while.  But just in case CMS needs a guy in a pinch, I may be able to offer something if everything falls into place.  They may not even need me though (which I am hoping is the case).  I do have Exeter the day before Jones.  I'm thinking of bailing on that to save what I do have, for the 10 miler.  We'll see how this week plays out.

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