Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 13 (Thursday)

February 13 (Thursday) - Slow going over to The Mill to do a nice easy run.  I got 9 miles in and at 9.04 I got an insanely painful calf cramp (like someone literally stuck a knife right in about an inch below the knee). It was probably the worst one I've ever had.  No clue where it came from but I did feel pretty tight today so I'm sure it was just a matter of time. It was scary though because it was out of twinges or anything leading up.   It was so bad and so acute I immediately hit the stop button and hopped off.  I was running super slow and easy (good thing).  It was fine immediately after I got off so I just need to make sure it's nice and stretched out and loose before the next spin.  I did some light lifting afterwards and then made the perilous journey up and over East Madison Rd. to my house. Probably the second worst conditions I've ever driven in (and the worst since moving here).  The road was not plowed at all and the drifts and blowing snow made huge sections of the road really uneven and caked with deep snow.  I don't ever remember a real major town road that had that much snow on it... I don't know why there were no plows actually plowing the roads but it could have something to do with the fact that 2-3 inches an hour was falling.  It was amazing how much snow came so quickly.   I slid off a couple times into the shoulder and rode into a couple of snowbanks. The visibility was also horrible.  I had to almost come to a complete stop because I couldn't tell which way I was going.  If I wasn't so familiar with each turn of that road, it could have been a lot uglier.

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