Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 9 (Thursday)

January 9 (Thursday) - Remembered that I needed gas.  Drove to Albany and filled up.  Then hit The Mill for a spin on ....the mill.  Got there and saw Darin Brown just finishing up.  Luckily there were no walkers in there and I was able to jump right on the mill and get to work. I felt phenomenal for some reason.  Started slow and just cranked up the volume as I went and finished up feeling strong.  10 miles in 65:38 (so almost a normal Casey Moulton t-mill run...).  Got home and went straight to the fire station to fill up 4 big buckets with sand so I could try to bury the ice skating rink that is my driveway.  My hands are now borderline frostbit and killing me.  I can barely type so I'll end this here.

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