Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 8 (Wednesday)

January 8 (Wednesday) - Sometimes for some reason the longest blog entries are on the days you do the shortest runs....and most of the time the trend seems to be that on the days you take a zero, the explanation and excuses add up and you end up typing more for that zero than any other day.  I didn't take a zero but almost.  Last night after leaving The Mill, I noticed that my gas light came on.  Now there is no gas station anywhere near The Mill and there are no gas stations at all in the entire town of  Madison.  There used to be.  But now the only one we had is closed.  So that means when I got home, I was pretty much on empty and I told myself that I would get out today during the day at some point, and get gas (basically so that when I got out of work and hopped in the car to go run, I wouldn't be surprised that I needed gas).  I'd have to drive to West Ossipee or Albany to fill up.  Either direction, the gas station is about 6 miles or so.  Well, needless to say I forgot, and the scenario above happened.  I got in the car tonight at about 5:45 and turned the key and noticed the light.  No way I was going to make it to The Mill and back without first going in the complete opposite direction to either W.Ossipee or Albany.  So I did the next best thing and I headed back inside, grabbed Kristin's keys, and tried to take her car.  She told me as I was heading back out the door, that she was almost out of gas too.  But her light was not on yet.  I still thought it was a better option than mine, so I tried to take her car but our driveway is just a sheet of about an inch + thick ice.  I slid her car down into the side of the driveway and couldn't get it out. I revved the engine, rocked the car back and forth....all to no avail.  Finally, in all my efforts to get her car out, her gas light came on.  I ended up having to get out and pile a ton of salt and sand under the tires before I was eventually able to free it.  Then, I had to do what I just should have done initially with my car, and took hers up to Albany to get gas.  Finally, by the time I got back into Madison and then all the way down to The Mill, it was 6:35 or so.  I ran in and to my delight, that same person was on the treadmill again WALKING.  She was only 15 minutes into her walk.  So I had to sit there and wait.  I stretched and massaged and milled around (no pun intended) until she finally got off right after 7pm!  Unreal.  I hopped on the treadmill completely not interested in running.  Knowing I had less than an hour, I figured I'd just get in a short run and have a rest day, which is always a good thing I guess.  I suppose I was just glad I got out and dragged myself there after all that crap... it was completely one of those days where I'd have normally said 'screw it' to the run...almost as if God was telling me to stay home.  So I actually ran slow and built up for 2 miles into a 5 minute pace (12mph) sprint for exactly 1 mile and then back down to an easy run for about a mile and then a tempo effort back down near 6 for the last mile.  Total of 5 miles in 35:14 (completely not intending to do any sort of workout).  Let me just say that this is the first time I've ever run a mile at 5 min. pace on the treadmill...and it sucks.  For me, it is just uncomfortable.  It seems SO much easier on the track or road.  I was almost falling off the back.  My cardio was ok, but it got very hot very quickly in there and my legs were barely able to keep up with it.  I decided to do it when I started the first couple miles, but about a quarter mile into it, I wanted to stop it .....then I told myself, 'no, go to at least half'...but when I got to half a mile I decided to just grind it out.  By .75 in I started to actually settle in and knew I could go more if needed (which was a good feeling).  The pathetic thing is that I haven't run a full mile under 6 minutes probably since the WMM half in October and I haven't run a 5 flat mile since probably Cranmore's first mile in July (downhill).  I am definitely getting fit because I've been doing honest miles for two and a half months now... It was just a shock to the system running at 12mph for 5 minutes indoors off of zero speed.  At least now I know my legs can handle it.


  1. I have been reading this other blog ... it is by a lady who is walking everyday and some nut case runner comes in and mills around stretching and massaging. She is really freaked out by it but she is committed to her walking.

    I found that once you get a bit more familiar with the mill, you can actually do stuff on it a lot faster than you can outdoors.

  2. I don't care how much you run on a treadmill or how coordinated you are, 5 minute pace is the most unnatural thing. I have been practicing on some of my runs on "the mill" and getting decent at it. A workout breaks out every time I am on it. No matter what. At least 1-2 miles under 5:30 pace. It just happens.