Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7 (Tuesday)

January 7 (Tuesday) - It is just plain gross outside.  Everything is ice and it's just miserable to be outdoors.  I had to go out to the shed to get something and I almost died out there.   I seriously don't know how animals who live outside, get through the winter.  Fur and fat aside, they wear the same thing in the winter that they do in the summer.  I feel sorry for anything that has to live outside right now.  After work I shot over to The Mill again and had to 'mill' around for 15 min. or so while someone finished their walk on the treadmill (which kind of irks me).  There are 2 treadmills... one is better than the other of course...but if you are WALKING, you should be on the lesser of the two for two very good reasons....  I understand everyone pays their money, etc. but seriously...when you only have 2 treadmills and one has cup holders and one doesn't (the good one has a place for my water bottle), and one is known to shut down if it goes to hard (also the one sans cup holders).... it doesn't take a genius to figure out that runners should use one and walkers should use the other... I think this girl was actually a runner too because she looked pretty fit... But it happens to me a lot lately... Walkers love that good treadmill for some reason.  That said I waited around, stretched a bit, and then was barely able to squeeze in my mileage before the place closed.  I actually got a warning from the staff that the place was closing (which has never happened to me before and I usually am there until close, just lifting and stretching)... I was just able to get in 10 miles in an easy 75 minutes with 2 minutes to spare to get out of there before they hit the lights.

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