Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6 (Monday)

January 6 (Monday) - What an awful day weather-wise.  The temps were way higher today but that meant rain and ice...  We have a couple feet of snow and now there's a nice coating of ice on top.  Kristin slipped and fell in the driveway on her way out today.  Not too long after, Darin, Nick, and Alex Brown delivered some nice sand to my driveway as they have to go past my house to get from the town hall sand pit to their own house.  Today was exactly the type of day that I would have normally said 'screw running' if I had not gotten that membership to the gym.  Just the fact that I planned on spending the winter there, made the decision to pay the membership, and have put together some decent months leading up, made me not even think twice about heading out tonight.  Now, I really don't have any excuse.  After work, I slip slided away down to The Mill and hopped on the t-mill for a solid 10 miles in 70:40.  Nothing crazy. Started out easy and increased the tempo a little each mile.  I have been using the same iPod playlist for like 2 months now. I now hate EVERY song on that thing... I need to spend a little time and pop some fresh tunes on there for next time...


  1. By fresh tunes do you mean anything after 1987?

  2. yes, but nothing newer than 98....