Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5 (Sunday)

January 5 (Sunday) - Substantially warmer temps today (in the high 20s) meant another run outside was possible for my delicate frame.  I passed on a morning snowmobile trail run w/ some folks in lieu of a longer possible run later in the day either on the mill or on the roads.  I ended up going from my house w/ Downtown Darin Brown at about 2:30pm (so we had temps in the high 20's) and doing the High Street loop.  I tacked on just over 2 miles on my own on E.Madison Rd. while waiting for Darin (who had to dig his car out before heading over).  The roads were completely snow covered.  Even 113 (which Paul Kirsch says is a State road and should be clear) wasn't.  Darin and I headed out for initially an out and back but I convinced him to do the High Street loop (in Madison/Tamworth) which is normally nice and free of any traffic (you are lucky to see more than 2 or 3 cars the entire time).  The problem with that loop is that a vast majority of it is dirt roads so it was a little slick.  The worst part of the loop actually happened to be the middle paved section, which was covered in very soft snow, making it really slow going.  On the last couple of miles Darin rigged up a bit with a nagging injury coupled with the fact that he doubled at BU yesterday (mile/800).  So we jogged in the last mile or so.  It made for a 12.9 mile loop for me total in 1:38:36 with 845 ft. of elevation gain.  This gave me me 54.4 for the week which is amazing considering just one week ago (Sunday) I was thinking I may have had to take this week off.  I only did 1.5 miles on Monday and Tuesday/Wednesday were only 5 mile days... all because of my calf/hamstring.  To salvage 54.4 for the week was great.  Also to put almost 3hrs and 50 minutes in, this weekend (outside), with the conditions we've had was a great achievement.

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