Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 4 (Saturday)

Me looking towards Mt. Washington (snowcapped in the background).  From near Goe Hill - Madison, NH
January 4 (Saturday) - After temps dropped to -25 below zero overnight, we waited a little longer to get out in the a.m. (to let the temps warm up to within single digits below zero) I met up with Paul Kirsch (and his two dogs) at his estate at 9am and we were joined by Sarah Hernandez as we ventured out for a 12 mile (12.01 on the Garmin) loop from Paul's backdoor all on snowmobile trails in Madison.  The Scrub Oak Scramblers had groomed last night, so everything was fresh and firm.  It was almost as perfect as the conditions could have possibly been.  The frigid temps made the snow very runnable and I was able to just cruise along with micro spikes over my 312s. We took it pretty easy and just enjoyed the day.  Sarah wanted to bail about a mile in as we climbed up a pretty steep hill behind Paul's, but Paul somehow convinced her to stick it out.  She hung tough and finished the whole run.  We ended up with a total time of 2:10:59.  1,452 ft of climbing, which is decent for not going up any major mountains...just a bunch of ups and downs.

4 miles in...Photo by Paul Kirsch

Now it's staying warm indoors the rest of the day...


  1. I really need to get myself a pair of snowshoes. Recommendations? I think Dion most people get...

  2. Hey man... Dions for sure. But you'd hate stay away ;)