Friday, January 31, 2014

January 31 (Friday)

January 31 (Friday) - As is the day before a supposed snowshoe race, I was going to take it easy today and back off the miles as I did last week.  I was planning on going 6 at about mid-day. I did just that but threw on the Dions down at the junction of Lead Mine and Black Brook Rd. and headed into the snowmobile trails out to the old airstrip and then looped up and around to Trout Pond in Freedom, NH and then back down.  6.2 miles on the 'shoes' in perfect conditions.  The trails were amazing and the temps were even more amazing.  Packed, beautiful snow... It was actually warm in the sun.  I had actually forgotten that the sun did that (warmed things) has been so long.

The conditions tomorrow for the race down in Hollis look to be awful.  I'm tempted to skip so I'm not may be a game time decision.  I don't want to destroy my snowshoes on exposed rocks, roots, etc.  We'll see.

Snowmobile Trails leading to the airstrip (looking north towards Madison).

The airstrip (looking south) - Freedom, NH

The airstrip (looking north) - Freedom, NH

Pond off of the airstrip - Freedom, NH 
Pond off of the airstrip - Freedom, NH

Trout Pond from the east side... Freedom, NH
Lead Mine Rd. about a mile from this spot...

The junction of Lead Mine and Black Brook Rd. in E.Madison

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