Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 30 (Thursday)

January 30 (Thursday) - 8 Miles easy on the mill (60:00) mid-day.  Then another 8 Miles later on, on the mill in the same slow 60:00.  Just chasin' miles.  Very uninteresting.  It was a beautiful day out compared to what we've been dealing with temperature-wise... but I still ran inside.  16 Miles total. Glad I snuck it all in though... The first 20 minutes of the run tonight went by quick as I got to talk to Downtown Darin Brown. He was just finishing up his workout in there and was lifting and stretching.  We talked training, racing, goals, and a little bit of Mt. Washington (for Nick, not for him).  I also told him he's slacking on the blog front and told him to blog about his nice win this past weekend in the 3k over David Principe (aka DJ's dad)...


  1. Your commitment to the treadmill is quite brutal. But impressive.

  2. ha! Thanks Seth. I really don't have much of an option. Just been doing mostly the mill since November...Brutal, but it's helping me get in miles...