Friday, January 3, 2014

January 3 (Friday)

January 3 (Friday) - 2 hours of shoveling snow in the afternoon followed by 10 miles on the mill at 'The Mill'.
The amount of snow piling up here has been ridiculous over the last couple weeks. I have just about run out of places to put snow.  The path out to my shed had a half a foot of new snow this morning and there is already 2 feet everywhere else.  The driveway is the real nightmare though.  I'll try to get a pic of what I'm talking about for tomorrow.  It's insane how much snow is now lining the driveway and the entrance to the driveway.  I can't see over the snowbanks now when I'm pulling out onto the road.  The snowbanks are higher than me now.  And my poor mailbox is just probably days away from being taken out by a plow.  I still got about 2 hours of shoveling mostly powder, in sub zero temps (but nice bright sunshine).  Fresh air is good, but when it is accompanied by back breaking work, it sucks.

After work I headed down the groomed snowmobile trail...I mean East Madison Road to The Mill for a spin on the treadmill.  I took my time getting on, and used a few extra minutes to massage and stick my calf before getting to work.  The calf was sore because of all the work I've been doing to it over the past couple days, but I was able to rip an easy 10 miles in 75 minutes without any issue.  The only thing that bothered me was the intense boredom that comes with staring at a wall and empty/unused exercise equipment for over an hour, while not going anywhere.  There's been a guy there using the elliptical lately and he's always on it when I get there (or comes in during my run)...either way, we always seem to overlap.  He's a good guy who I think is doing it to cut weight, but he does a lot of work on that thing.  90 minutes to 2 hours most days.  It's crazy.  Most people rip in and out of there in 20 minutes or so, but he gets to work on that thing and just doesn't stop.  Tonight he bailed early and stood and talked to me for about 15-20 minutes so that made the time go by a little quicker.  Other than that, it was me and the iPod and a hot, empty room.  Looking forward to a long snowshoe w/ Paul and maybe a couple others tomorrow.

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