Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29 (Wednesday)

January 29 (Wednesday) - Again, probably could have doubled but I chose to get some additional work done during the lunch time hour and only got out to The Mill after work.  I arrived at the gym precisely at the same time a girl was just about to push start on the good treadmill....ahh my battles continue.  I spent a minute or so trying to decide if I should wait 15-20 minutes or so for her to get off (because I know her workout by now...she's there every once in a while and does a little mill, a little bike, a ton of lifting and other things like burpees, etc.).  I bit the bullet and hopped on the crappy treadmill instead so I could just get out of there.  It was hotter than hell in there and of course the bad treadmill has no place to put a water bottle.  Needless to say it wasn't pleasant but I got it done.  10 Miles in 67:17.  Started off easier and moved into a rhythm.  Felt really good despite sweating my arse off. Moving foward like this in January in the White Mountains is a win.  Any time I can get 10 in like this at night in January I'll take it.  It's almost time to renew my membership for another couple months...It's hard to believe the 3 months there are almost up. I'm making the most of it for sure.

In other news, I signed my contract from Inov-8 today for the 2014 season.  I'm really honored once again to represent this amazingly innovative company and be part of an awesomely talented racing team.  It will be my 5th year on the team.  I am really grateful that they considered me again and gave me a spot considering the down year I had in 2013.  They have been incredibly generous with support, shoes, gear, etc. over the years.  I look forward to another great year of racing for them and representing the brand.  I went to the winter conference in November again this past year and got to see some very exciting things that are coming later this year in the product line...

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