Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28 (Tuesday)

January 28 (Tuesday) - Had bigger plans for a run today but in the end I ended up getting lazy.  If lazy is still getting in a solid 10, then I'll take it.  I got out the the Mill after work for 10 Miles in 69:43.  I didn't feel great but didn't feel awful. I just felt.  I guess that's how I can put it. Around 8 miles I started to get some digestive distress...I toughed it out to 10 then paused the mill right at 10 miles and ran to the bathroom.  When I got back, I lost interest and called it a night. I wanted to go 12 but I just figured chasing 2 extra miles after a solid 10 wasn't crucial at this juncture of my career.  I still feel a little run down from the head cold that is lingering.  Will just keep up 10-11 per day this week...maybe a double...maybe not... we'll see.  I'll try to get a longer effort or two in on the weekend if everything works out....we'll see.

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