Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27 (Monday)

January 27 (Monday) - Got the 'Honey Badger' award from work which was pretty cool.  We had an 'All Hands' today which is a meeting of all the engineers, support team, SEs, product team, marketing team, partner team, etc. to go over last year's numbers, this year's road map, etc.  One of the things they do each year is have an award they give out to the member of the business unit who goes above and beyond.  I was the guy who shared this award w/ two other guys on the engineering team this year. I'm not sure I've ever gotten it before.  Very nice to be recognized for sure.  Hard to believe I have been at the company now for going on 15 years.  Unreal.

For a short time this afternoon, I watched my girl while my other girl went to the store... here is Tabby in her jail...err I mean 'play area'....

After work I headed down to The Mill for a spin on the treadmill.  I wasn't sure how my legs were going to hold up after yesterday, but they were actually pretty much back to normal.  I felt really smooth.  I did an extra mile just for kicks and ended up going a very easy 11 Miles in 82:30.  After that I got ready to head out and noticed there wasn't a soul around so I went down and jumped in the pool for 10 laps + the hot tub for stretching and relaxing.  I feel like a million bucks when I get to swim and go in the hot tub afterwards.  I haven't been using them lately because there is usually now at least one person down there, but not tonight.  It was like old times.

Sun setting from my living room window...

The hot tub at the mill (which had been shut off before taking this photo)

The pool at The Mill - Purity Spring Resort - East Madison, NH USA

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