Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23 (Thursday)

January 23 (Thursday) - AM 8 Miles on the mill.  53:44.  Started out slow (7:30) and eased into a quicker pace. Finished off the last few miles in about 6:11 pace.   Then PM 8 Miles on the mill again but this time, no funny business.  Just a 60 min easy run to round out the day.

Total on the day: 16 Miles.

In other news... my baby girl turned 13 whole months today!  That's her today in her jail...err... I mean 'play pen'.


  1. That loss in the snowshoe race must have really stung! You are cranking out the miles, man! Good work.

  2. Restraining your child; how un-new age parent of you.

  3. Greg, it wasn't bad. It kind of takes all the pressure off to lose one right out of the gate ;). Hope all is well. We gonna have the wolfpack happening at NB this year? All bunched up through 10 miles in 53 flat?

    Paul, it's a BIG cage...