Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22 (Wednesday)

January 22 (Wednesday) - Everything was frozen solid including my desire to leave the house...I still got out for a lunch run at the mill. 10.5 miles in 75:00.  Ran the first 8 in 60 and cranked 6:00 pace for the next 15 minutes (2.5miles).  Felt pretty 'chipper'.

Then after work, another 10 miles in 75:00 .  Easy does it.  Chasin' miles n' chippin away at my winter weight when time allows...

Total on the day: 20.5 miles all on the mill.

Below is a good video from Whirlaway legend Eric Narcisi (who used to blog a long while back) and the LevelRenner crew regarding the Whitaker Woods Snowshoe race this past weekend in NoCo.  I didn't realize how large my cup of coffee actually was.  I need to cut back on the joe for sure...

Another mention is the New Hampshire Road Race Hall of Fame that race announcer legend Andy Schachat is organizing.  I can't think of a better person in recent times to spearhead this to be honest.  Andy has been around the NH racing scene (road, mountain, track, tri, etc) for a long while now and he knows his stuff when it comes to NH runners and accomplishments.  Should be interesting to see how this works out.

And lastly, speaking of NH runners, Kris Freeman has been named to another US Ski Team for the upcoming Olympics.  Kris, like his brother Justin (also an Olympian) is a beast on the snow and in the mountains for running.  Both brothers ran awesome last year on 'the hill' and have both won the Crossan Cup as top NH runner at Mt. Washington. Hopefully I'll see these guys on the hill again this year!

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