Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21 (Tuesday)

January 21 (Tuesday) - AM: 10 Miles in an easy 75:00... just chasin' miles.... The above is actually what the view from the treadmill (at The Mill) looks like. I NEVER see this because it is pitch dark whenever I do my runs after work.  This is really the first time I've been able to watch this view while running on the mill.  In the summer time I occasionally motor past here on the road, but I've never watched this view during the day.  I can certainly hear the flow of the river (which is very loud) while I'm on the mill at night but never been able to really watch it.

Then PM: 10 Miles in another easy 75:00.  Again, just chasin' miles.  Followed by 5 minutes of jogging/walking as a cooldown.  Then stretching and the stick.  The stick has been my best friend lately and is keeping my calves and hammies happy.  I've also been working w/ a spikey ball on my upper and lower back, which is helping loosen everything else up.  Total for the day: 20 miles.

Publically calling out the following for not updating their blogs in eons.  Chris Mahoney (who likes training in secret), Michael Quintal (blog offline), Dave Quintal, Sam Wood, Darin Brown, and Kevin Tilton (even though he technically blogged a week ago or so, so that may fulfill his quota for the winter).

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