Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2 (Thursday)

January 2 (Thursday) - First day back at work.  It was a very slow day but I was expecting that.  I had two meetings which both got cancelled because most people are probably still on vacation for the last couple days of this week.  I spent a good deal of time feeding the small fireplace in my office as I worked on an application I am building for a couple of customers.  I also iced and massaged/stretched the hamstring and calf as well as heated it most of the day to try to loosen it up. I've had this before and it just goes away so I am not terribly worried about it.

The snow has been falling all day (since I got up anyways)...  As of mid day we already had a few inches and a big storm is on it's way. With no functioning snowblower, I'm going to be huge (upper-body-wise) before this winter is over.

I headed over to the Mill even though the weather and roads were completely trashed.  I left the house around 5:30 or so and it took me over 20 minutes to go just 4 miles up/down East Madison Rd. to the Mill.  The road wasn't plowed and almost looked groomed for skiing.  Not one tire track and a completely white stretch of road all the way to King Pine.  There was surprisingly a lot of people there in the pool but no one in the workout room.  I hit the treadmill after sticking and massaging the calf a little and I had absolutely no problems at all. I did 8 miles in 60 minutes without any issues other than a slightly sore calf from all the massage and prodding I did to it all day.  Zero knee/hamstring issues.  I think we have isolated the source of the issue.  I couldn't remember how I fixed this last time..but now it is coming back to me.   I think there was just a knot or tightness up high in my calf that is pulling a bit on the portion that connects behind the knee.  I felt great and it was a real pick-me-up after the last couple of days of almost being depressed about it.  I walked/jogged for 5 minutes afterwards and then stretched out a bit before hitting the snow, I mean road.  The ride home was even worse.  No plows out for some reason...maybe it's because it's snowing like hell out and it's going to keep coming for the next day or so.  The temps are also supposed to be awfully cold over the next couple days or more so it looks like I'll stick to the mill.

Fed this thing all day long...directly behind me where I sit for work all day...

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