Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 19 (Sunday)

January 19 (Sunday) - As much as I wanted to sleep in and just stay warm and toasty, I got my sore/tired ass out of bed this morning at 6:30am, quickly got dressed, scraped off the car, and headed up the road to Paul Kirsch's house for the 7am tour-de-Madison via snowmobile trails.  The snow was falling pretty good and it actually continues even now at 9:15pm.  It made it very pretty in the woods w/ all the trees freshly covered.  We hit the 12 mile loop clockwise this time.  Didn't see one snowmobile the entire time.  Did the entire run nice and easy.  It was Paul, myself, his two hounds, and a couple other WM Milers.  12 miles in 2:00:20 all on about a couple inches of powder on top of packed snowmobile trail.  Good times.  I got home at around 9:30am and then had Tabby all day as I gave Kristin the 'day off' from parenting.  She went up to the village and did some shopping.  Right as she was leaving (around 11am) the power went out.  A car hit a pole up on 113.  I was out for almost 5 hours.  No internet, no tv, no HEAT.  It made daddy-daughter time very interesting.  We survived pretty well until it started to get cold in here.  I had a fire going in the living room but that was only really good if you stood right in front of it.  At around 4pm the electricity came back on and all was well.  We survived....just like people have done for 1000s of years before us...and people have done for 100s of years before us in this house.

Below is a great sequence of illegal photos I ripped off of Joe Viger's site from yesterday's race w/ Nick and I.  We only 'battled' for about a half mile... but here's the evidence.

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