Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16 (Thursday)

January 16 (Thursday) - Work was busy but I was determined to get away and got out right at 5 and headed over to the mill early.  I hopped on the mill with my stomach not quite back to normal, but far better than 2 days ago.  I actually ran on the bad mill tonight because I got in there right as the girl who did the incline workout a couple days ago came in.  I technically beat her to the good machine but offered it to her.  She said she may use it but was going to use the elliptical first, so I just hopped on the sh*tty treadmill as it's really not all that bad now that I've used it a few times.  The good thing again is that it doesn't have a time limit (the other one does).  The bad thing is that it is furthest from the window and it's hot as frig when you get a few miles in.  I was sweating bullets.  Ripped 10 miles in the now normal 6:40 pace (I sound like Joe Navas, except his is 5:40 pace).  66:41.  It's funny, had I not run an embarrassing race last weekend, I would think I am in OK shape....but knowing how I ran last weekend, I feel like I'm a slob again.

Word about the Sidehiller Snowshoe race that was supposed to be next weekend on is now on SUNDAY (Jan 26) instead.  Not that the snowshoe season is even going to really happen this winter, but that is a qualifier for the National Championship that is in VT.  There are others, but that is one of the closest ones for most of the NH and Eastern MA folks.  It's a shame they made Paul Kirsch move the race because it may either prohibit some from running the qualifier due to other plans on Sunday, or infringe on some other things people had planned to race (like Derry Prep, which I kind of wanted to run for a good hard training run).  It also overlaps another WMAC series race (Curly's).  So I'm sadly hoping Curly's is cancelled so Lauren Shortel retains her streak of consecutive WMAC races for the past million years :).  I would assume if 2 WMAC races are held on the same day, that they would count her going to one of them as keeping the streak alive technically.


  1. A trip to WMass earlier this week confirms that there will be NO snowshoe racing in the Berkshires for quite a while. The trails at PSF, home of the Curly's race, are not only bare but almost ice free. Only the mtb'ers are smiling.

  2. those are the snowshoe Gods shining down on Laurel Shortel :)