Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11 (Saturday)

January 11 (Saturday) - Horrible day weather-wise.  The valley was flooded and iced over at the same time.  The roads were brutal.  I had a lot of errands to run early in the day and traveling was pretty slow going.  I did manage to pick up a new iPod Shuffle which is a bonus.  I hit the mill at The Mill around 4pm and planned on just doing an easy 5 but when I walked in, I had literally missed the good treadmill by 1 minute.  One of the women who works there had just put her stuff down on it and was getting ready to use it.  So I had to get on the 'toy' treadmill they have.  I was a little bummed.  So I juiced up the volume so I could get out of there earlier.  I set it for 35 minutes and just ripped into a steadily increasing tempo.  Last mile was under 6 and I squeezed in 5.5 miles exactly in 35 minutes.  Then I got the heck out of there.  I figured out one more awful thing about the bad treadmill.  Besides having no cup holders and having the potential of shutting down if you go to hard for too long, it is not next to the window like the other one is.  So if you are on the bad mill and someone is on the good mill and they don't have the window open (or if they don't want it open), you're basically screwed.  It got HOT in there.  It was a good effort though, on a day in which I really didn't want to run too much. I plan on trying a hard effort tomorrow at the Dartmouth Relays.  Just going to try to get a hard run in and see how much work I really have to do.  I haven't raced on the track in a few years and haven't raced indoors since 2008.   I haven't really raced at all any time recently so this is just going to be a day to dust off the webs and see how my body reacts to uptempo work for a change.

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