Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday - June 5th

Easy trail run with Kevin Tilton in Madison and Freedom.  From Black Brook Rd/Lead Mine we headed into the snowmobile trails and up around to Trout Pond and then down to the airstrip (end to end) and back.  I did 2 miles solo before meeting up w/ KT as he was caught in gridlock Conway traffic.  We got to 'redline' a couple of SOS snowmobile connectors that neither of us had been on.  Saw gigantic bear paw tracks in the sand on the airstrip (about as long as my own footprint).  Kevin thought they might have been Inov-8 'Bare X Grip' prints but agreed they were bear tracks after closer inspection.  The airstrip is a great place to not only see wildlife, but see the tracks left behind as they scurry back and forth, as essentially it is like a mile and a half long beach.

10 miles in 1:19:28 with 466 ft of elevation gain (which was basically all one hill going up to Trout Pond).  Nice and easy.  Not bad considering over a mile of it was in the loose sand of the airstrip.

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