Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday - June 4th

Another day, another non-run in the AM as the baby was up pretty dang early and I wasn't about to head out for a run while she was stirring and going through her normal morning routine.   I waited until after work and shot up to Whitaker Woods for the usual Tuesday night fun run (unofficial until next  week).  Warmed up 2 miles w/ Darin and Nick Brown, Peter Haine + some other Milers and then ripped into the fun run (5k) + another 3.2 or so cooldown with Peter and Kevin Tilton.  The fun run (pre-Summer Series) is usually just an easy 5k jaunt over the Whitaker course with a small group warmup and cooldown.  It's not official until the series gets underway and the clock and timers are there, chute is assembled, and start/finish are officially organized.  But sometimes someone will show up and want to make things interesting, which is what Nick Brown did.  As we all clicked our watches and headed out (laughing and talking, etc.) Nick shot out to the lead and took off hard, all by himself.  His father Darin looked over at me and said 'go get him, go get him!'.  So I did.  Because of the slow reaction and my reluctance to run fast just 2 days after running up and down a mountain hard, I decided to go after him but didn't catch him until probably a quarter mile or so into the run.  We ran together until about 3/4 of a mile and then he fell back a bit.  I rolled through the first mile (trails) in 5:51 (slow by summer series standards) and then hit the very hilly 2nd mile split in 6:17.  My last mile was 5:32 and then the last bit (GPS is always a bit off) for a total of 17:52.  Nick I believe was 18:55 or so.  Another 3.2 miles in Whitaker (trails), running the perimeter trails w/ KT and Peter Haine.  8.3 miles total in 1:06:59 with 528 ft. of elevation gain.  Foot was aggravated on the cooldown, but I managed.  Shot right out of there and gave Wild Nick Brown a ride home afterwards (stopping at Fire 21 for a couple milk shakes on the way).

Dates for the WMM Summer Series:

6/11, 6/18, 6/25, 7/2, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30, 8/13

If you are up in the Mt. Washington Valley this summer and are around on Tuesday night, looking for a free trail 5k with some great folks, pop on in!

(Skipped date in August is because of the Wellinghurst 5k in Madison on that Tuesday night as part of Madison Old Home Week)... If you are in the area, come by that one as well!  It runs right past my house and the course record is 'soft'. ;)

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