Monday, June 3, 2013

Training Week: 5-27 - 6-02

Chocorua Lake on a hot afternoon...

Training Week: 5-27 - 6-02

Good week of training in with a bum foot (a big step in the right direction).  Got some relatively flatter runs in and some doubles while avoiding a zero (barely) on Monday.  Great longer run on Saturday morning (longer for me nowadays) w/ KT around Rob Brook and Church Pond.  Saw a Moose on Saturday w/ Eric MacKnight on my road, and spent a good amount of time in some of the lakes and rivers around the valley this weekend.  It was a beautiful weekend weather-wise (hot, but I like it) and I am starting to remember why I love the summer here so much.   Fitness is starting to come around.  I really do have to work on getting my feet healed up so I can push off again and work some of these climbs in races.

71.8 miles

Running days: 7
Rest days: 0
Races: 0.5
Total running time: 9:52:39
Elevation Gain: 5727 ft

6-02 - Sunday: 8.7 miles - Carroll, NH.  2 mile warm up w/ KT and MacKnight + 6.7 miles of wandering around on Bretton Woods before taking a wrong turn and jumping in the river and doing another mile back to my car all in the water (which I think killed my Garmin).
6-01 - Saturday: 16.1 miles - 12.5 miles in the late AM w/ KT at Rob Brook (Albany, Bartlett, Livermore, NH).  HOT.  This was a bruiser.  Trails and dirt roads in near 95 degree weather.   Then another 3.6 in the PM w/ Eric MacKnight in Madison (small hilly loop from my house).
5-31 - Friday: 8.0 miles.   Tamworth, NH w/ KT. Out and back from Chocorua Lake.  Headed up towards the Liberty/Brook Trailheads and then back (dirt roads).  HOT.
5-30 - Thursday: 11.5 miles -  Conway, Albany. 3.5 in the AM with KT from Ranger Station on the Kanc. 8.0 miles in the PM with KT from Town Hall Rd. in Jackson / Chatham, NH.   Up and back on dirt roads.  Hot...
5-29 - Wednesday: - 12.1 miles - Conway, Albany. 3.5 in the AM with KT from Ranger Station on the Kanc. 8.6 miles in the PM with KT in Conway.  'River Trail' loop (out and back + power lines) w/ KT from his house.
5-28 - Tuesday: 12.2 miles - Conway, Albany. 3.5 in the AM with KT from Ranger Station on the Kanc.  Then 8.7 Whitaker Woods in the PM with select WMM's, KT, etc.
5-27 - Monday: 3.2 miles - Conway, Albany.  Albany Town Forest w/ KT from Ranger Station on the Kanc.  Late day run as to not take a zero on Memorial Day.

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