Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday - June 3rd

Couldn't drag myself out of bed for the morning run (as I think will be the case for most days).  Shot KT a text at 6:15 and told him I was putting the kibosh on the the morning run.  I figured I'd make it up either by piggy-backing the evening run with a few extra or just try to squeeze something in during lunch...

Rolled into the Walmart parking lot in North Conway at 5:00pm and had Don Fredrikson unexpectedly pull in right next to me only a couple minutes later.  Got a text from KT that he was running late and he said to just go without him, so Don and I started rolling through some snowmobile and single track for about 4.4 miles before heading back to the cars.  The original plan (by Don) was to go for an hour but after pushing the pace and trying to lose me on some uphills, he called it a day a little earlier than he wanted.  Don took me up an ungodly climb on single track that went up a small ridge with continuous switchbacks in the shadow of Rattlesnake Mt.  The climb was OK for me but the descents were just an exercise in trying to keep my big toe from smashing into the front of my shoe.  My left big toe is all black and blue and I will soon lose the big toenail again (which will actually be awesome if that can happen BEFORE this year's Pemi Loop).  Right before we got back, we ran into KT who had just started his run.  I turned and went back for another 5.7 or so with KT (out and back on snowmobile trails).  Right hamstring was tight and everything else was just a little sore from the day before.   Nice and easy 10.17 miles total in 1:27:44.  945 ft of elevation gain.

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