Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update... Training and Racing, etc.

It's been a little while since my last blogging escapade so here's a QUICK summary of what I've been up to 'running-wise'.... seems a little insignificant now that I'm a proud father and that's obviously the priority, but since this is called 'doublejrunning'.blogspot.com, I figured I'd come back to this and make some updates...

Photo - Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race by Scott Mason

Training Week: 4-29 - 5-05

Good, Bad, and Ugly week with the first mountain race of the 2013 season (which was good)... The bad was that my foot problem resurfaced out of the blue.  The ugly was the fact that I may have let a great opportunity slip away at Sleepy Hollow... more on that in a race report (hopefully).

57.8 miles

Running days: 6
Rest days: 1
Races: 1
Total running time: 7:40:17
Elevation Gain: 5580 ft

5-05 - Sunday: 10.4 miles - Huntington, VT - warmup (data) w/ Ferenc, MacKnight, Newbould, around some of the course + Race: Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race (results) (data).  4th OA.  40:29.  Was in 2nd at 4.5 miles. 3rd at 5 miles. 4th at 6 miles.  See the trend?  Not bad though considering my foot is a problem again.  Cooldown with same crew + Todd Callaghan (data).
5-04 - Saturday: 6 miles - Huntington, VT - running over the course (solo) at about 4pm.  Foot really bad on the climbs (data).
5-03 - Friday: Off.  Foot really bad.  Stretching and massage but stayed off it to try to help heal whatever it is that is going on... just trying to salvage Sleepy Hollow at this point.
5-02 - Thursday: 6 miles (data).  Madison, NH. Down 113 from my house to Silver Lake train station, then up along the dirt roads off the snowmobile trails and back.  Foot getting bad.  Took it really easy.
5-01 - Wednesday: 7.6 miles (data).  Madison, NH.  Down 113 from house to Silver Lake train station, then up along the power lines to Boulder Rd. and then back to the house on Conway Rd.  Ran into some serious flooding and had to take an awful, grown in, old side trail around.  Bushwhacked through thick woods, got ticks all over me, and had to scramble across a beaver dam to get across.  Foot starting to bother me pretty good.  Not good!
4-30 - Tuesday: 11 miles (data).  North Conway, NH.  From Whitaker Woods. First couple miles w/ KT. Then wandering as he did a workout.
4-29 - Monday: 16.8 miles.  Madison, NH.  First run at lunch - 9.7 miles (data) from my house down to train tracks and then up NH Corridor 19 then on dirt access roads up to Boulder Rd. then back on 113. Second run (trails) after work w/ KT at the Lower Nano trails off the Kanc in Albany, NH (data).

Photo - Muddy Moose Trail Race - by Tad Thomas

Mount Washington from near the summit of Chocorua
Training Week: 4-22 - 4-28

Good week of 7 days of training, over 9 hours of running, and over 9000 feet of climbing.  1 race in which I got my arse handed to me and ran substantially slower than last year but one place better... Got to also get up and climb Chocorua for the first time this year which was awesome.

62.1 miles
Running days: 7
Rest days: 0
Races: 1
Total running time: 9:22:36
Elevation Gain: 9256 ft

4-28 - Sunday: 15,7 miles - Wolfeboro, NH - warmup w/ Najem, Ferenc, and Justin Freeman on trails and dirt roads (data) + Race: (dataMuddy Moose Trail Race (results). 2nd OA. 1:32:12. Got destroyed by Ferenc who said almost said 'hoof!' to the course record on a very warm day... No cooldown as everyone was dead from the race...
4-27 - Saturday: 5.3 miles (data) - Madison, NH - short, easy run (solo) on some trails and roads from house.
4-26 - Friday: 6 miles (data) - Tamworth, Ossipee, NH - Logging Roads, dirt mountain roads, snowmobile trails. Summited Mt. Whittier w/ KT + wandering on logging roads and snowmobile trails.
4-25 - Thursday: 12.5 miles (data) - Albany, Conway, Hales Location, NH - Mineral Site w/ KT (first 2 miles solo...last 10.5 w/ KT).
4-24 - Wednesday: 12.2 miles (data) - Wandering around Madison trails, dirt roads, snowmobile trails, train tracks, etc. A little bushwhacking in there too...Solo.
4-23 - Tuesday: 3.1 miles (data) - Madison, NH.  Birthday run...from my house, up Cascades trail and up to Mooney Hill. Solo.
4-22 - Monday: 7.3 miles (data) - Albany, NH.  Chocorua run-up via Liberty Trail (up and down). Solo. 1st ascent this year. Lots of snow past 1.5.

Looking down the Ski Jump off the Kanc

Training Week: 4-15 - 4-21

Ho-hum week of lower mileage, 1 day off, and 1 slow grind of a 5k on a windy and rolling course.  Got a good win though with close to 2000 people which is awesome.  Bought a shed after the race on Sunday which is totally awesome.  It won't be delivered and constructed until late June...can't wait.

49.6 miles
Running days: 6
Rest days: 1
Races: 1
Total running time: 5:48:01
Elevation Gain: 2690 ft.

4-21 - Sunday: Off.  Spent the day at my parents and family in Wakefield NH at the lake.
4-20 - Saturday: 10.9 miles - Londonderry, NH.  Warmup 4 miles over course (data) + Race: Stonyfield Earth Day 5k (results)(data) - 16:35 - 1st OA. + 3.7 mile cooldown over course (data).
4-19 - Friday: 5 miles (data) - Conway, Albany, NH - Run from the middle school over some trails and the XC course + over to the ski jump off the Kanc. With KT.
4-18 - Thursday: 10.6 miles (data) - Madison, NH.  Silver Lake bang w/ Ian on his bike filming...
4-17 - Wednesday: 9.1 miles (data) - Tamworth, NH.  Chocorua Lake Rd. and snowmobile trails w/ KT.  Muddy good times.
4-16 - Tuesday: 10 miles (data) - Madison, Albany, NH.  Out and back in Madison, Albany. On 113 (solo) from my house up and down to Rt 16 and then to the White Mountain Waldorf school road entrance and then back.
4-15 - Monday: 4 miles (data) - Albany, NH.  Mineral Site w/ KT.  Short and easy. KT still feeling sick and I was good w/ just doing something short.

Looking North on the airstrip in Freedom, NH

Training Week: 4-08 - 4-14

Lackluster week with a race I really didn't ever want to do but did it to cross it off the list... Other than that, 2 off days right before that effort didn't help.  Legs were just beat.

46.6 miles
Running days: 5
Rest days: 2
Races: 1
Total running time: 6:10:30
Elevation Gain: 2955 ft.

4-14 - Sunday: 6 miles (data) - Pembroke, Duxbury, MA trails and roads (solo). From Kristin's parents house to Duxbury Conservation land...then wandering...
4-13 - Saturday: 12.5 miles - Andover, MA. Warmup on river trail 2 miles (data) + Race: Merrimack River Trail '10 miler'. 9.5 miles (data).  1st OA.  59:08 (results).
4-12 - Friday: Off.
4-11 - Thursday: Off.
4-10 - Wednesday: 10.5 miles (data) - Madison, Freedom, Ossipee NH - Snowmobile trails and roads. Loop from Black Brook Rd. out to airfield, around to Pine Barrens and back to Lead Mine via powerlines and snowmobile trails (sloppy). Solo.
4-09 - Tuesday: 10.6 miles (data) - Madison, NH - Lake bang w/ KT.
4-08 - Monday: 10 miles (data) -  - Eaton, Freedom NH loop w/ KT. Roads/Dirt roads.

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