Monday, April 8, 2013

Training Week: 4-01 - 4-07

My former Wakefield HS teammate Matt Lyons and I before the race...

Weekly Wrap Up: 60.4 miles.  3062 feet of climbing total. 6:54:48 total time.  Good week aside from the hamstring issue on Monday, which I attribute to being a little dehydrated.  Took it easy on Tuesday and barely did anything on Saturday (running-wise).  Good race on Sunday with a nice win at Great Bay Half Marathon in Newmarket, NH.  1:13:08, while not exactly lighting the world on fire (and almost 4 minutes back of my half PR) is a great leap forward for me considering my state of affairs over the past 6 months.  Getting very comfortable w/ that pace and ran very controlled.  The course isn't exactly fast and I was able to not only lower the CR but also run faster than I did a few weeks ago at New Bedford, which is hard to believe.  I also ran alone for the entire race with Jason Porter lingering in view for only a couple miles.  Progress is being made and the weather is getting better and better (although I see flakes in the forecast for Saturday here in Madison believe it or not....hopefully that changes).

04-07-13 - Sunday: 16.1 miles (roads) - 2.5 with strides (2 miles w/ Jason Porter + run to the start from the school and strides) + 13.1 mile race - Great Bay Half Marathon - 1st OA - 1:13:08 + .5 cooldown shuffle back to my car after the finish.



04-06-13 - Saturday: 2.2 miles (snow, trails, roads) from my backdoor up through the cascades in the snow and out to Mooney Hill and back down.  Small loop w/ some brief but cool views of 4000er's Passaconaway and Whiteface as well as Chocorua and the Ossipee mountains.  Makes me wish my house was another 200 feet higher up...the views would be amazing... Waited until late in the day after working in my woods and gathering blowdowns, etc.  Did a short shakeout to make sure nothing was killing me before the race tomorrow.

04-05-13 - Friday: 8 miles (dirt roads) w/ KT. Potter Rd. in Eaton.  Out (up) and back (down).

04-04-13 - Thursday: 9.2 miles (roads/dirt roads) solo.  From my house, down 113 and up to Washington Hill in Tamworth, then up and down High St. back to 113.  Nice hilly loop but worked it and felt pretty good.  Coming around for sure.  Just got to keep an eye on the hamstring and calves.

04-03-13 - Wednesday: 10 miles (roads) solo.  Flat out and back from my house in E. Madison.  Down 113 to 41 and then back.  Hammy tight but not horrible.  Felt really solid cardio-wise.

04-02-13 - Tuesday: 5.5 miles (roads) w/ KT and Justin Macomber from Whitaker Woods.  Very easy. Got to watch my hammy.  It was really sore today.  Instead of taking a day, I went real easy and tried to stay 'loose'.

04-01-13 - Monday: 9.4 miles (roads) with Kevin Tilton from White Lake State Park in Tamworth.  Hamstring knotted up horrible at about 7 miles.  Hobbled the last 2.4 (approx.) which was mostly flat and downhill.

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  1. Nice race! You ran right past my old house at the junction of Dame Rd. and Lamprey St.. Is the majority of Dame Road still dirt out toward Adam's Point?