Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Training Week: 3-25 - 3-31

Weekly Wrap Up: 56.5 miles on 6 days.  Good running for the most part with one day off and one slight issue w/ a knotted up hammy that I'm watching closely.  I was originally going to go hit up Gilmanton (as this would have been the first year since I started racing that it didn't conflict w/ Eastern States) but I opted to stay home and get some rest.  The weather is getting better slowly.  Still a lot of snow around and the trails are still icy and snowy and gross but soon enough the warmer weather moves in and we'll have more options for getting out.  I need to get my butt in gear and am pretty sure I have an OK 'base' built up (that certainly can be expanded on) and my fitness isn't completely junk.  I just need to add 10-15 more miles per week to the base and get more workouts in (in some aspect or another).  Working w/ KT on getting on the same page and getting back on the track or onto some tempo runs will definitely help me sharpen up. I also CANNOT wait to start getting up some mountains again in the warm weather...

03-30-13 - Sunday: 0.  Off day.  Slept in (to a degree) and felt GREAT doing so!  Played w/ the baby, got her ready, and then headed down the 2 hr ride to N.Andover, MA to my sister's for Easter.  Stayed there until after 10pm and had a 2+ hr ride home.  Didn't get home until 12:30am or so and not to bed until about 2am.  Exhausted.  My baby girl's first Easter was great though.  It's awesome sharing her w/ my family and getting everyone around her.  She's not sure what to make of it all just yet, but one thing I do know is that it's what life's all about...she's teaching me a lot even though she's only 3 months old!

Tabby w/ the Easter Bunny :)

My my sister's house in North Andover.

03-30-13 - Saturday: 10.4 miles (snowmobile trails, nordic ski trails, single track, deep snow) Short out and back w/ film crew doing a documentary on me (believe it or not) and my quest to train for the mountain championship this July.  A lot of stopping to get shots (stills and video).  Did probably about 3 miles total. Didn't run my watch the whole time.  Plan was to go up to summit Chocorua but they bagged it only 1 mile or so in....ran back down then we went over to Rocky Gorge for some other shots.

Then I headed over to Rob Brook Rd. off of Bear Notch Rd.  Snowshoe loop at Rob Brook and up the Owl's Cliff snowmobile trail loop.  Deep snow, slow conditions.  Good times out in beautiful weather on the Dions! Video below...

03-29-13 - Friday: 8.7 miles (snowmobile trails, nordic ski trails, roads) with KT.  From Kevin's house in Center Conway, NH.  Out on 302 and then the Stark Rd. loop.

03-28-13 - Thursday: 5.4 miles (snowmobile trails, nordic ski trails, roads) with KT.  From King Pine.  Nordic and Snowmobile trails.  A little soft and muddy.  Roads on the way back (w/ KT).

03-27-13 - Wednesday: 9 miles (dirt roads, roads, deep snow) solo.  Eidelweiss loop (counter clockwise) up Pound Rd. up Glines Hill, then down Town Line Rd (big mistake)....all snowed in.  11 min. miles... Rolled the rest of the way easy does it.  Felt great on the other parts on the way back....very easy effort for a decent pace.

03-26-13 - Tuesday: 10 miles (roads) solo. East Madison Rd. to Freedom town line and back.  Holy crap was this run good.  It's got a hill or two...  Went from my house up E.Madison Rd. and down the other side, then out on 153 to the Freedom town line (5 out, 5 back).  Rolled on the way back except the 7th mile which was BRUTAL. I had all I could do to get under 7 min on that mile...Started out relatively easy and worked into it.

03-25-13 - Monday: 8 miles (dirt road)  w/ KT. Potter Rd. Eaton, NH.  Up and back.  Snow and ice on some of the road still made for some slick conditions.

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