Sunday, March 24, 2013

Training Week: 3-18 - 3-24

Weekly Wrap Up: 62.3 miles for the week. A DNF at a great race I enjoy hurts a little, but I know that I simply wasn't ready to bang 20 miles at sub 6, one week after draining my half-filled tank at New Bedford.  I simply need another month or so of this kind of work to get my body back into it.  The GREAT news is that my legs feel good (or should I say better than they have in a long time)... the easy part is just working on fitness.  My mind is in it, and my legs are in it for at least 10 miles ... I struggled over the last few miles of NB and that makes sense that I would have run into some issues around 9-10 miles of ES20 this weekend.  What is needed is for me to keep pluggin' forward.  Keep up the runs, increase the mileage, start doing some workouts, and keep racing...oh yeah, and eat something before a race, especially if it's close to or equal to 20 miles!

03-24-13 - Sunday: 13.4 miles (roads) - 2 mile w/up in Portsmouth, NH at the high school.  Then Eastern States 20 Miler.  Led for just over 4 miles and then had Sam Jurek go past me (but I was still running under my goal pace so I let him go on ahead).  Then Eric Mendoza (GBTC) went passed and I kept under goal pace but started to slow a bit. I went through 10 in 56 something and just felt immediately terrible through the aid station.  I could still see 1st and 2nd but really started to feel awful.  I felt like I was borderline bonking. I took a gel but it didn't really help and I found my pace slowed to around 6 minutes.  I decided at 11 to drop and jogged very slow on the side of the road for about 4 tenths of a mile before stopping my watch.  Just wasn't feeling good at all and felt nauseated once I stopped.  I had waves of nausea but other than that just felt like I was too tired to attempt the 20.  I haven't run long at all and last week's 13.1 was a bit aggressive in itself, let alone running 12 on Saturday and then trying to grind through 20 on Sunday.  Even though the goal was just sub 2 hrs, I did want to try to keep it around 5:45-5:50 pace.  Once I fell off that just after 10 and then started to feel sick, I called it a day.  Disappointed for sure, but hopefully at least getting in a solid 10 will help me get back into shape.  I feel really bad about getting invited by the RD (because I won the race in 2010) and then having to drop, but I guess these days just happen.  My confidence was blown for about 12 hours but now that I've sulked a bit, I'm keeping my head up and trying to move forward.  I still want to go after the longer stuff, but I'm simply not in marathon shape and a 20 miler at that pace requires someone to at least be training for a the rest of the guys in the field... I am far from that... Sam Jurek ran 1:52 something, which is a great time.  Also, David Corbett from around my old neck of the woods, ran a great sub 2hrs (which was his goal, as he was telling me before the race).  That was awesome to see. I watched him finish as I was being driven back to the hotel to get my stuff (which sucked).  Steph Reilly also ran the 3rd fastest time for women ever there....and she said before the race that it was her first ever 20 miler (she had never run that long before!)... not bad, 1 week after winning New Bedford.

The race (or at least part of it):

The warmup:

03-23-13 - Saturday: 12 miles (snowmobile trails) - w/ Paul Kirsch, Leslie Beckwith, and Frank Holmes (for the first 4 miles).  From Walmart parking lot, out on the snowmobile trails heading over to East Conway (around the southern base of the Green Hills.  Nice run on a nice brisk morning.  Good to get out.  Not sure it was a great idea the day before going and running Eastern States, but I need to get this is all part of it.  There is still a TON of's not going away any time soon. It looks like the middle of winter out there...

03-22-13 - Friday: 4.3 miles (roads) - w/ Kevin Tilton.  Kevin wasn't feeling too great and I was kind of looking for an easy day, so we just meandered around a dead end neighborhood (one of only a few) from my house.

03-21-13 - Thursday: 8.7 miles (roads) - w/ Kevin Tilton.  From Kevin's palatial estate in CENTER Conway.  Up Stark Rd. to Eaton Rd. and did a nice loop back.  Rock and rolled a bit on the way back. Felt good to open it up a little bit.

03-20-13 - Wednesday: 8.6 miles (dirt roads/snowmobile trails) - w/ Kevin Tilton from Chocorua Lake Rd.  Looped out on dirt/icy/snowy roads but managed to roll along pretty good. Made a mistake of hopping onto ungroomed, horrendously slow and sloppy snowmobile trails midway through.  Cut across back to the road.  It was really tough going through that section.

03-19-13 - Tuesday: 7 miles (trails, snow covered roads, snowmobile trails) - w/ Kevin Tilton from my house in Madison, out the back yard and up to the Cascades on virgin single track (first mile was like almost 14 minutes).  This one hurt.  Punched through to Mooney Hill, ran up to Pound Rd. and down on the road (but with Dions on....the road was good enough to run on w/ snowshoes) to the SOS clubhouse. Hopped on the snowmobile trails there and did a nice out loop towards Paul's house, then backtracked and cut down to E.Madison Rd.  Then 1 mile back to my house on the roads (taking off the snowshoes for that last section).  This one was a slog!

03-18-13 - Monday: 8.3 miles (snowmobile trails/nordic ski trails) - w/ Kevin Tilton from King Pine in Madison. Out to Freedom town forest and around a bunch of snowmobile and xc ski trails.  Trails icy but in good shape. Ran w/ the microspikes on.  Legs felt a little heavy from New Bedford, which I suppose is normal.

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