Monday, March 4, 2013

Training Week: 3-04 - 3-10

Wrap Up: 44 Miles for the week on 6 days.  Not stellar, but I did have 1 very good race against one of the best fields I've ever personally seen in a snowshoe race (other than Nationals and maybe Sidehiller a few years ago).  I got 4600 feet of climbing in this week on 44 miles, so that's not too shabby either.  I hope to keep up that type of number going forward... I will not START my focus on trying to cut shapes for some road stuff... Bad timing w/ New Bedford coming this weekend as I have zero long runs and not much in the way of 'speed work' for roads, but I'll try to get a good workout in and see what happens.  Maybe I can run w/ Greg, MQ, and a few others for a few miles before dying off and dropping 7s... we'll see.

03-10-13 - Sunday- Off. Family and friends came to visit and had to get an early start on things around the house.  Took a rest day to recover from a few days of leg torture including yesterday's race.  Resetting a little bit in anticipation for starting some road focus now (until the trails clear out).  Legs were beat.  Could have probably done a shakeout after everyone left, but I had 2 beers with Sully and my sister during the afternoon and by 6:00pm I was ready for bed (yes, that is what it has come to)...

03-09-13 - Saturday- 11 miles (snowshoe/race/roads). Warmup on snowshoes over part of the Granite State Snowshoe Championship course w/ KT.  1.7 mile loop that allowed us to preview the start and finish.  All single track.  + Race: Granite State Snowshoe Championship (results) - 10K - 1st OA (43:22) + Cooldown over roads in the park w/ KT, Jim Pawlicki, and Dave Dunham.

(The cooldown - roads)

(The race - snowshoe)

(The warmup - snowshoe)

03-08-13 - Friday - 5.7 miles (snowmobile trails). w/ KT from Walmart in NoCo.  Modified 'Staples' loop but shorter, starting from Walmart and not hitting the hills behind Kennett (and also not going to the west of Rt. 16). Nice and easy on some sloppy and slow snowmobile trails.  Easy does it before the 10K on Saturday.

03-07-13 - Thursday - 6.2 miles (mountain/snow).  w/ KT from the Kearsarge Trail trailhead off Hurricane Mountain Road.  Conway/Bartlett/Chatham.  Up Kearsarge.  Held my own on the way up, although we weren't killing it and Kevin was taking it easy on me.  Up in 44:03.  Down in 21:26.  Headlamp cruise on the way down. DEEP snow at the top. Comical really. Kevin and I would break through and lose a leg completely up to our bathing suit area and have to finagle our way out and crawl to safety.  The rest of the trail under tree cover was good and packed for the most part. The last half mile or so wasn't trekked through since before it snowed last, so we were breaking trail.  Got down the bottom and bonked. Pretty strange feeling bonking on the downhill in the dark.  My hands were killing me.  Felt good to get up a mountain. I cannot wait for the 'C-bangs' once daylight savings kicks in and the weather gets better.  2500+ feet of elevation in 10K (Garmin gets it a bit short as the trail up and down is 5k).

03-06-13 - Wednesday - 8.1 miles (roads, dirt/snow roads).  w/ KT from his palatial estate in Center Conway.  Roads leading up to Cove Campground on Conway Lake (dirt/snow covered road once we went into Eaton).  We ran shorter than intended because I was late getting over to Kevin's... On the way over I decided to take a desolate, dangerous way over to his place from mine (which essentially cuts up and over some unmaintained roads, over some steep terrain in west Madison/Eaton).  I came across a kid who had slid off the road in his SUV and was hung up in a huge snowbank.  I towed him out w/ my Xterra and some climbing rope.  Had I not been by there at that exact time (missed him going off the road by less than a minute) he would have been there for a long time... it was in the middle of cell one came through there the entire time we were pulling him out.

03-05-13 - Tuesday - 5 miles (roads).  Ridiculously slow and easy jog w/ KT, Roger, and Justin from Whitaker Woods immediately following my massage in NoCo.  Legs a bit stiff and sore so a light shakeout in the shadow of Cranmore was just what I needed.  Added on a small bit after to get 5 as we did the shorter 4 loop.

03-04-13 - Monday - 8 miles (snowmobile trails).  Staples Loop w/ KT.  Clockwise.  Wore the Muclaw 265s again.  Sloppy, slip sliding around on loose wet snow most of the way.  Constantly searching for packed track as we scampered along.  Solid 'easy' day.  Any day you slog through 8 miles of snowmobile trails w/ trail shoes in the winter at night with headlamps, is better than a zero.  After this coming weekend though, the headlamp may be put away...

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