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Crossan Cup Competition for 2013 (Men)

Gary Crossan in 1986
An early preliminary list of the Mt. Washington Road Race entrants are up and it made me start thinking about the local competition for the top NH Male runner at the race this year.  A little tracked statistic from the race, but one that is near and dear to my heart specifically because it's the only one I have any sort of outside shot of actually appearing in.

Each year since 1987, the top NH male and female runner in the race win the 'Crossan Cup', named after 4-time race winner Gary Crossan, who was tragically hit and killed by a train while on a run.  Gary was a former record holder (1:01:13) and last won the race in 1986.

This year, there are some good runners signed up.   One of the top ones that has to stand out is Kevin Johnson from the Western Mass Distance Project, who is fresh off of two USATF-New England Grand Prix wins in a row, including this past weekend's New Bedford Half Marathon, where he split 10 miles in 49:53 and went on to win in 1:06:04.  Aside from Kevin, there's another Kevin in the field (Kevin Tilton) who already has 4 cups of his own and has a 1:03 PR to his credit (which he will attempt to better this year).  Tilton is a two-time US Mountain Team Member who has a ton of mountain running experience and also lives in the shadow of Mt. Washington in Conway, NH.  He has the home court (or home hill I should say) advantage.

Some other newcomers to the field include Peter Najem of the BAA and Swanzey, NH and Greg Hammett of CMS and Chesterfield, NH.  Both have lived and trained in and around Keene, NH area.  Pete has been a road and track specialist but had a very good XC career at Keene State.  Greg does everything from snowshoe racing to mountain/trail, road, and track.  The only thing Greg hasn't dipped his toes into so far seems to be tower racing, but I'm not completely counting him out of that just yet.

The Freeman brothers are back and they are always in the hunt, as both of them have already won a cup a piece.  Other players in the field include Andy McCarron of CMS and Keene, NH who is returning to form after some injuries over the last year... Brandon Newbould of Whirlaway and Nottingham, NH who has been flirting with being the top NH runner anywhere, period.  He's a beast on the roads and trails...and coming originally from Alaska, I don't count him out for the hill this June....Patrick Ard (also linked to Keene State) has a sub 1:10 under his belt but didn't have a particularly good race but he's looking for redemption this year.  He weighs somewhere between 50 and 75 lbs, so he should be able to just float up the hill utilizing some of the thermals and light winds to propel him up without much effort, should he be healthy.  I will reluctantly add myself to this list as I have been runner-up for the cup here before, so I can't completely say I have no chance, but will not bet on beating either one of the Kevin's...  Lastly, not to count out the EIGHT time winner Craig Fram here..he will be 54 this summer, but he won the cup ONLY 4 years ago at the age of 50 with a 1:06:58!  ONLY 2 years ago he ran 1:08:50...so yeah, he has a shot for sure...

There are some other good runners on the registration list and there may be a few more added...If you think I've forgotten or left out some contenders, please comment below.

Here are the top competitors (so far) from NH (in no particular order):

First Last City/State Best Time Last Performance Cups
Kevin Tilton North Conway, NH 1:03:42 (2005) 1:05:54 (2012) 4 ('05-'07, '12)
Kevin Johnson West Lebanon, NH Debut Debut 0
Justin Freeman New Hampton, NH 1:06:28 (2011) 1:08:00 (2012) 1 (2011)
Kris  Freeman Thornton, NH 1:07:46 (2011) 1:07:46 (2011) 1 (2010)
Peter Najem Swanzey, NH Debut Debut 0
Greg Hammett Chesterfield, NH Debut Debut 0
Andy McCarron Keene, NH 1:10:17 (2009) 1:11:14 (2011) 0
Brandon Newbould Nottingham, NH 1:08:07 1:08:07 (2012) 0
Jim Johnson Madison, NH 1:07:22 (2011) 1:07:55 (2012) 0
Craig Fram* Derry, NH 1:03:20 (1995) 1:08:50 (2011) 8 ('95-'97, '01-'03, '08-'09)
Pat Ard Raymond, NH 1:09:58 (2011) 1:21:48 (2012) 0

* Craig will be 54 this year!

Most Cups Won (Multiple Winners):

Craig Fram: 8
Dave Dunham: 5
Kevin Tilton: 4
Mike Casner: 3

Longest Stretch Between First and Last Cup Wins:

1] : Craig Fram: 1995 - 2009 (14 Years)
2] : Mike Casner: 1987 - 2000 (13 Years)
3] : Kevin Tilton: 2005 - 2012 (7 Years) *
4] : Dave Dunham: 1990 - 1994 (4 Years)

* If Kevin wins the cup in 2019 (He'll ONLY be 37 years old then) he will tie Craig (unless Craig wins again)...

Crossan Cup Winners since 1987 (first year):

Year Winner Time Overall Place Age Town
2012 Kevin Tilton (4) 1:05:54 18 30 Conway, NH
2011 Justin Freeman 1:06:28 8 34 New Hampton, NH
2010 Kris Freeman 1:07:56 15 29 Thornton, NH
2009 Craig Fram (8) 1:06:58 11 50 Plaistow, NH
2008 Craig Fram (7)  1:05:45 10 49 Plaistow, NH
2007 Kevin Tilton (3) 1:09:34 10 25 Conway, NH
2006 Kevin Tilton (2) 1:12:09 22 24 Conway, NH
2005 Kevin Tilton (1) 1:03:42 5 23 Conway, NH
2004 Joshua Ferenc  1:06:21 7 22 Westmoreland, NH
2003 Craig Fram (6) 1:03:27 2 44 Plaistow, NH
2002 Craig Fram (5) 28:28 (Halfway) 3 43 Plaistow, NH
2001 Craig Fram (4) 1:04:29 3 42 Plaistow, NH
2000 Mike Casner (3) 1:09:30 6 38 Keene, NH
1999 Thomas Anderson 1:04:36 8 34 Keene, NH
1998 Mike Casner (2) 1:05:48 7 36 Keene, NH
1997 Craig Fram (3) 1:04:48 1 38 Plaistow, NH
1996 Craig Fram (2) 1:04:22 4 37 Plaistow, NH
1995 Craig Fram (1) 1:03:20 2 36 Hampstead, NH
1994 Dave Dunham (5)  1:03:22 1 30 Londonderry, NH
1993 Dave Dunham (4) 1:00:44 2 29 Londonderry, NH
1992 Dave Dunham (3) 1:03:18 3 28 Londonderry, NH
1991 Dave Dunham (2) 1:02:07 2 27 Londonderry, NH
1990 Dave Dunham (1) 1:01:37 2 26 Londonderry, NH
1989 Jeffrey Robie 1:10:45 8 32 Kingston, NH
1988 Martin Kryska 1:06:11 4 23 Hanover, NH
1987 Mike Casner (1) 1:06:10 5 25 Bristol, NH

In 2012, 2010, 2008, 2006, and 2004 Mount Washington served as the US National Mountain Running Championships.

Other fun facts about the Crossan Cup:

Only 2 times has the Crossan Cup been awarded to the Overall Race Winner.  Dave Dunham's last  win came in 1994 when he lived in Londonderry, NH.  The one other was Craig Fram's victory in 1997 (Plaistow, NH).

In 2010 and 2011, the Cup was won by brothers, Kris Freeman and Justin Freeman (both US Olympic Nordic Skiers).

The fastest time a Crossan Cup winner has run (to win the cup) is: 1:00:44 by Dave Dunham (1993)

The slowest time a Crossan Cup winner has run (to win the cup) is: 1:12:09 by Kevin Tilton (2006)

The worst place (overall) that a Cross Cup winner has run (to win the cup) is: 22nd by Kevin Tilton (2006)

The oldest Crossan Cup Winner is Craig Fram at 50 Years of Age in 2009.

The youngest Crossan Cup Winner is Josh Ferenc at 22 Years of Age in 2004.

Towns in which the winners have hailed from:

Plaistow: 7
Londonderry: 5
Conway: 4
Keene: 3

Craig Fram

Kevin Tilton heading up the last climb to the finish - 2009

Kevin Tilton's 4 Crossan Cups

2004 - Josh Ferenc finishing in style.
2004 - Josh Ferenc finishing in style.
2004 - Josh Ferenc finishing in style.
2004 - The infamous Ferenc w/ his hardware

Dave Dunham finishing quietly in 1988 (he lived in Lowell at the time, but it's a good picture)


  1. Jim, first off I want to say that I just about wet my pants reading that entry...while your description of my slender build was just about spot on... last year was not my debut on the mountain. Two years ago I went 1:09:58. As I type this I am sitting on the couch after doing my first set of post surgery knee exercises and wishing only to be able to make my quad engage to even lift my leg off the ground. If am a able to run the mountain this year it may look more like a powerhike... but to even be mentioned in this conversation gives me motivation for 2014. I have yet to run the mountain in shape or healthy... so I plan to make some big jumps next year.

  2. Crap! A detailed MWRR rankings post and I just figured it was DD not JJ. My bad.

    So, good stuff Double-J. :)

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  4. CRAP Pat! Sorry....I knew that! I'll make the correction!

  5. Cool overview. Where is the start list? Didn't find it on the Mt. Wash website.

  6. https://register.gorun.org/mountwashingtonroadrace/entrants