Thursday, February 14, 2013


View from one of the balcony's at Adobe HQ... looking down at the BBall court on the lower ROOF....

Well, the last couple weeks haven't gone quite as I would have hoped 'running-wise' but I'm slowly climbing back.  I traveled last week out to San Jose, California for a visit to the company headquarters where I was supposed to work from Sunday night through Friday night.  But the impending doom that was Winter Storm Nemo put a wrench into that.  I ended up scrambling to change my flight home and got a redeye back from SJ on Wednesday night instead...getting back Thursday afternoon.  Flying in and out of Portland Maine.  I was back before the storm, but arrived back with a horrific cold that is still with me now. Not sure it was 'the flu' but it was bad. It knocked me down for days.  I got 1 run in while in SJ and that was about 9:30pm at night on the treadmill in the hotel (there just really is limited time to get any quality in when you are in the middle of that city and you are scheduled with things from dawn to dusk)....  I ran once more that week when I got home on Thursday but felt like hell.  I didn't run again until Tues/Wed. of this week and even then it was short and easy.  My legs have FINALLY recovered from Winter Wild.  Holy crap I was so beat up after that race.  Unreal.  The first 2 days in SJ I could barely walk.  Now I am trying to fight off this cold and climb back up to running every day.  I will continue to try to do some snowshoe racing but just to finish off the series in NH.  I am going to pass on DH Jones and probably New Bedford as well, as there is no way I'll make it to the line in peak condition.  My plan wasn't really to do those races anyways so I don't feel too bad about them.

I need to start focusing on some races I want to do in the Spring time and also the summer, which leads me to this reminder about 'The Hill'... the lotto opened today:  ... I'm already in the race because I completed the Mountain Series this past year, but for anyone out there who is thinking about possibly trying this race this year (ahem, Dan Vassallo, Casey Moulton, Dan Hocking, Patrick Moulton, Matt Pelletier, Ruben Sanca, Brian Harvey, etc... the list goes on and on) this is a good year to give it a shot.... it's a non-Championship year, so it's not the US Mountain Running Championships...  Last year I hit this race pretty unsure about the condition of my legs and after dealing with a winter and spring of injury.... This year I'm hoping that I can hit the starting line with a little more confidence and a little less baggage weighing over my head.  One thing I'm kind of weary about is the scheduling of other things in and around the race this year.  That week (if I was to do all the things I usually do) is a busy week this year.  Every year I run the Market Square Day 10K the week before Mount Washington.  Those are basically my two favorite days of the year 'racing-wise'.  I also always do the entire Mountain Series (well as of the last few years).  This year, the Ascutney Mountain race (which has historically been in mid July) is now the DAY AFTER Market Square Day.  So not only would I have to do back-to-back with the mountain race the day after a fast 10K (I hope).... but then just the very next weekend, is Mount Washington.  As if that wasn't bad enough, the Thursday in between is the 5k USATF-NE Grand Prix at Hollis.  Talk about a horrible week before the big dance.  I guess it could have been worse, in that Ascutney and MSD could have been on the same day, which would have forced me to choose between the two... (in which case I would have stayed with MSD and passed on Mountain Goat status for 2013).... but now I almost wish they were on the same day...because I may end up doing everything and just paying the price.... who knows.  There's a long way to go before I have to commit to anything other than Mount Washington...heck, I could be injured and it wouldn't matter....but I'm not planning on it.

The lottery closes on 3/14 at 11:59pm.  One month to make up your minds...  The race is 121 days away... who's with me?

View from one of the balcony's at Adobe HQ
Looking down one of the streets outside Adobe HQ...

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