Saturday, March 2, 2013

Training Week: 2-26 - 3-03

Wrap Up: 54.7 miles w/ 1 day off and one race (snowshoe). Good week considering the weather. Got out a few nights w/ KT and had one solo old-school-type-effort on the slippery roads w/ a winter lake bang.  Not too much else to write home about.  Hope to have as much of these runs on Strava as possible (when I don't botch my start/stopping of the watch like I did on Friday night)... March is here... 1 week until daylight savings!!!  Then let the weekly Chocorua-bangs (aka 'C-bangs' begin :)...

3-03-13 - Sunday: 10.7 miles (snow/roads).  2 miles w/up on the roads of Pownal, ME then 1 mile on snowshoes over the start/finish of the course.  Then race: Bradbury Blizzard (5 Mile) - 4.7 on my GPS. - 1st OA - 38:31 (results).  Then 3 mile cooldown on the roads.  Bonked HARD on the way back. Been a while since that happened...

(The cooldown)

(The race)

(The warmup on snowshoes)

(The warmup on roads)

3-02-13 - Saturday: 0 miles.  Didn't leave the house except to get the mail. Watched my daughter all day as Kristin was down in Foxboro, MA for a baby shower early, and she didn't return until late... This was the first day I got to spend alone w/ Tabitha.  Being a dad is the best.  Or should I say, having kids is the best... I got to keep her company and occupy her the whole day, change diapers, make funny faces and strange noises, feed her constantly, and stare at her while she slept (a lot).  Would I have rather been out running?  Absolutely not.  Wouldn't change a thing.  If you don't have kids, I recommend getting some! :)

3-01-13 - Friday: 8.2 miles (snowmobile trails, roads). With KT from Walmart in NoCo.  Corridor 19 snowmobile trail out and back + wandering around Settler's Green and back on the roads to add miles.  Had to use Kevin's watch data for this one as I forgot to apparently start my watch for about a half mile during the wandering over to Settler's Green.

2-28-13 - Thursday: 8.1 miles (snowmobile trails, roads). With KT from Kennett Middle School in Conway. On the tracks (snowmobile trail) and headed north.  In towards the Mineral Site but had to turn back early w/ some tightness in the hammy...playing it safe. Got back to the school and did an extra mile, wandering around the back parking area and playground to get 8 miles.  Slow going on the trails w/ the loose wet snow.  Faster on West Side Rd. as we came back.

2-27-13 - Wednesday: 6.1 miles (trails, roads, snowmobile trails). Solo. My house, out my front door and up to the Cascades trail.  Knee deep snow for over a mile.  Unreal how much snow is in the woods.  Basically a deep snow slog.  No one had been up there since I was there probably 2 weeks ago.  Everything was filled in.  Along the logging road it was 'assh*le deep to a 10 foot Indian' in there.   I was in a tire track rut and the snow was up to my waist almost in spots.  Finally out to Mooney Hill and down to 113 (slippery and whiteout conditions).  Road covered with snow as it has been snowing all day and seemingly it has picked up in intensity.  Down 113 to snowmobile trails at the gas station and in and over out to E.Madison Rd. all on snowmobile trails. Trails in good condition.  Nice and packed with only a couple inches of power on top (so the groomers were probably in there today already).  Finally out to E.Madison road and back to my house.  Really slow on the roads as they are covered with snow.  Glad to just get out with the conditions...

2-26-13 - Tuesday: 10.6 miles (roads).  Solo. The streak running w/ KT ended (I could have gone to Whitaker Woods tonight but opted to get a solid lake bang in instead).  The extended 'Winter Lake Bang' without the cut through in front of my house (as it is all snowed in).  Lead Mine Rd. (dirt) was brutal.  From E. Madison to Black Brook it was icy but manageable.  Not plowed past Black Brook Rd. but packed down decent by snowmobiles.  Slip sliding all over the place during those 2 miles and the last 200 meters or so of the road before E.Shore was 2 feet of snow with zero snowmobile track to run on, but I was only crunching through about 6 inches or so. Still very slow.  Once back on the pavement, I opened it up and ran strong and steady. 580 ft. of elevation gain on the Lake Bang which is about the flattest run you can get around here (from my house) while going 10+ miles.  Had to stop 3 times to tie my shoe, hence the 41 second drift in time.

2-25-13 - Monday: 10.7 miles (roads) w/ KT on the roads of Madison and Albany.  Nice and easy 'High Street Loop'.  Snowy dirt road for a few miles.  Headlamp run.  8th straight day running w/ KT. May be an all time record.  803 ft of elevation gain.

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