Monday, February 25, 2013

Training Round Up

Great Hill Fire Tower in Tamworth, NH
This past week was a pretty good one for me as of late... not crazy high mileage but I got out every day and for the most part things are holding up.  Ran with Kevin every single day this week. Not sure that has ever happened.  60.4 miles for the week.  7:46:46 total training time in the past 7 days.  Solid for me climbing back up the ladder.  2 more 4000'ers, 1 more townbag (Martin's Location).  I'll take it.  Finally got a Garmin and should be able to track these runs better now...

2/18 - Monday - AM: 3 miles (failed attempt at summiting Chocorua).  Hammond Trail from Scott Rd.  Too windy and trail conditions were just too loose for the microspikes and no snowshoes.  Bailed early and only got 3 total miles up and down (33:34).  PM:  8 miles (Snowmobile Trails) - Staples Loop w/ Kevin.  Ran with just the Mudclaws. Good conditions.  (1:00:10).

2/19 - Tuesday - PM: 8 miles. Mineral Site snowmobile trails w/ KT.  Ran w/ the Mudclaws again.  Good conditions.  Snowed the whole time. (1:05:10).

2/20 - Wednesday - PM: 8 miles. Tamworth, Madison snowmobile trails w/ KT. Ran from White Lake State Park in Tamworth, crossed 16 on snowmobile trails and looped out to the Ossipee Pine Barrens and back.  (1:06:50).

2/21 - Thursday - PM: 8.4 miles. Out and back from Kennett Middle School in Conway Village with KT.  Down the snowmobile trail (NH Corridor 19) into Madison and all the way down to Boulder Rd.  Then back.  (1:07:16).

2/22 - Friday - PM: 7 miles.  Snowshoe run on the Lower Nanamacomuck Ski Trails from Albany Covered Bridge in Albany, NH w/ KT.  Out and back.  Slow to moderate conditions. (1:07:46).

2/23 - Saturday - AM: 12 miles.  Snowshoe mountain run with KT up and over Middle and South Carter. Up Imp Trail (lower branch) to North Carter Tr. to Carter-Moriah Tr. up and over Middle Carter to South Carter and then down to Carter Dome Tr. and back down Nineteen Mile Bk Tr.  Then 1 mile on Rt. 16 back to the car.  (2:30:53).

2/24 - Sunday - AM: 6 miles.  Snowshoe run on snowmobile trails and single track with KT.  Hemenway State Forest in Tamworth.  Up to Great Hill Firetower and down. Out and back on snowmobile trails.  OK conditions.  (54:36).

Videos below from Saturday up the Carters...

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