Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday - 1-9-2013

Catching up w/ the week here...

Monday was a recovery day for me as I really don't want to rush too much into anything with my foot still an issue (although stretching and staying ahead of it is keeping it somewhat at bay for now).  Since it bit me hard at the end of Sunday's long session, I took it easy and did a nice easy 3 miles out and back on East Madison rd. after work.  Almost took a zero but decided 3 is better.

Tuesday I planned on running twice (and probably could have) but juggling a brand new baby and a TON of extra new work load (which I welcome, believe me....job security is a good thing) really prevented me from getting out again. I had every intention of going back out around 7:30 or so but decided the 6 I did earlier at lunch (43:30) out and back on E. Madison Rd (including the climb to the top and back down) was enough.

Wednesday (today) I got out for a nice easy 6 down to Silver Lake, onto 41 for a bit, and then back.  I did that at lunch in 41:05. The weather was pretty nice and it suited me well, as I had meetings strewn out all over the map today including another late one.  After my second late meeting in a row, I got out again tonight for another 6.  This time I hopped on the snowmobile trails along the west shore of Silver Lake and headed south for a bit before turning around and heading back.  Ran exactly the same time as earlier today (41:05).  12 on the day.

Not exactly setting the world on fire, but trying to get the daily runs in and build up.  The most important thing (running-wise) is to try to get back to a normal feeling in my left foot. It's been since August and it's still there (actually resurfacing recently after I thought it has gone away).

Of course THE most important thing in the world to me isn't running related at all, but rather priorities have changed slightly...and for the better :)...

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