Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday - 1-16-2013

Wednesday night I headed out just before dark with the Yaktrax.  It was snowing pretty steady and had been snowing since before I woke up today.  4 or so inches on the road and very slick conditions called for the Yaktrax and the late hour called for the headlamp. It was an awesome run.  I hit the same  10.7 mile loop I did on Monday night w/ KT, although today I was flying solo.  The effort was great and the conditions were tough, but it made for an awesome loop.  The first and last 2 miles were messy and busy w/ traffic along Village Rd (113) (although everyone was driving slow because of the storm).  The middle 7 miles consisting of North Division Rd, Salter Hill Rd, Savary St, and High St. were all completely unplowed and it was a winter wonderland out there.  Just a beautiful run...and dead quiet.  Only a handful of houses and farms spread out along that stretch through Madison and Tamworth and a lot of thick woods.  Felt like I was the only one alive out there.... It was a little slick due to the base of icey dirt road underneath the freshly fallen snow (and zero tire tracks to follow) but I kept the pace steady.  A full 2+ minutes faster than Monday for the same loop - 1:17:10.  1000ft of elevation gain.


  1. A couple of theories on why the changing of the uniform:

    1. on an epic snowshoe run through the whites with kevin tilton, a unicorn appeared to you, and insisted you join the baa

    2. the wild neoteny challenged you to a barefoot midnight off-road race from madison to keene and the winner got to remain ferenc, while the loser had to renounce his former club loyalties and join the winner's club

    3. inov8, dion, acidotic, gopro, yogatoes or one of your other sponsors thought it was better for your image (you can hardly blame them for thinking that)

    (4. i'll flatter myself - you wanted to beat me for the fpurth straight year at the yankee homecoming 10-mile with a new look)

  2. know it's like a broken record...same thing every year at that race...I go out like an go out nice and easy....then I die off, you catch me over the last 3 miles, and I barely out lean you at the many more years do you think we'll keep doing that? ;)...My money is on you this year in 2013!!!

    when are you gonna be able to get up here for said snowshoe in the whites!? let me know!

    wild neoteny had nothing to do w/ it...well maybe just a little :)...

    I actually have the yogatoes on right now! I'm not sure they are helping, but they can't hurt...I hope.

  3. Hopefully a few more years at least, until the offspring are old enough to witness and remember. (Congratulations big time on Tabitha Rose!)

    I will give you a heads up if I ever get a chance to make it up there - usually my only snowshoe runs of the winter come when we make a weekend trip to sugarloaf with my parents at some point in the winter; looks like early march this year.

  4. Thanks my friend! The little one is a handful, but it's the greatest (as you know)! I guess we'll have to make Yankee an annual event (health-permitting) :)... If you are ever up for an adventure in the whites (even in the warmer months), let me know and we'll get a nice group together!

    300 days until you go for GP Marathon Win #2 at Manchester!