Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday - 1-29-2013

Tempo run...yes, a quasi workout....on the road... 12 miles.  One half of an extended lake bang and back, but the long way  through the winter wonderland that is Silver Lake... From my house, down 113 to 41 and then all the way out to East Shore Drive, down to Lead Mine Rd. (just past it) and turned around.  Hammered on the way out and held steady on the way back.  My calf up high, behind my knee, seized up on me at about 7 miles because of the increased tempo.  I had to stop and stretch quickly.  I haven't done a lot of fast stuff, but the stuff I've been doing in the snow and on the trails/in the mountains has helped build up some strength....I held steady as I backed off just a little the rest of the way.  The roads were sloppy and slick.  East Shore Drive is almost 2 miles out and 2 miles back, and it's completely covered with packed layer of snow and ice but amazingly I didn't slip once.  1:15:56

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