Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday - 1-23-2013

Tuesday night I met Kevin Tilton over at his palatial estate on the banks of the Saco for a run out his back door on the trails he seemingly can't bring himself to ever run on for some reason (they are awesome in my opinion).  They connect literally from his backdoor all the way out to a vast network of trails maintained by the Mountain Meadow Riders Snowmobile Club.  There's actually work in progress to apparently connect those trails to the Madison tail system, which would be awesome.  It would mean I could literally hop onto the trails right down the street from here (not even a mile) and wind my way over to his place all on snowmobile trails if I wanted.  It would be a 'long' run, but not too bad... we hit the snowmobile trails in rather blustery conditions (and w/ yaktrax and headlamps) and ran out to the railroad trail that goes eventually into Fryeberg, ME.  We went out 5.2 and then back 5.2.  10.4 total.  1:25:40. Snow was a little loose along the tracks and just a little bit of give in the single track.  The snowmobile trails off of the tracks were pretty firm.  Good solid run.

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