Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday - 1-31-2013

Thursday afternoon I shot out for a nice 7 miles from my back door.  The weather was incredibly warm early on in the day (low 50s) but it was super windy. I didn't get out until later and by then it was much colder.  A lot of the thin snow out in the open was decimated by the time I got out.  The snow in the woods was still pretty good. Deep in spots and bare in others....I ran up to the Cascades, which was raging from all the melting...then headed up and across to Albert Rd. and up to Chamberlain Ledge, where it was actually flurrying out.  I ran all through the trails in there and did some loops before heading back down.  52:09.

Looking West at Chocorua (zoomed) from Chamberlain Ledge - Madison, NH

Madison Cascades

Albert Rd. Madison, NH

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