Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday - 1-24-2013

10 miles of snowmobile trails from White Lake State Park in Tamworth with KT. 5 out and 5 back (on the  'Judson Loop') according to Kevin's Garmin.  Trails were hard packed and nice for running w/ the Orocs.  1:20:18 for the hilly snowmobile trails. Good effort. I've learned to not be ashamed to log 8+ minute miles on my runs now....  They are honest miles over slow and hilly terrain... A lot different than my Merrimack Valley miles I used to do... I know the work is as good if not better than my flat and fast miles I used to be able to do down in Salem, Methuen, Haverhill area during the winter... but most importantly, it's just more enjoyable to me (even though it takes longer to do the same amount of miles now!)...I love the trails and mountains up's awesome being able to run for an hour or two and never see a car or a house or like tonight, even a light (except the moon, stars, and our headlamps).  The wind was bad at first but as soon as we dipped into the woods from the car it was smooth sailing. Hands got cold at first, but warmed up and by the end I was very comfortable.  Probably about 5 degrees or so when we finished. I had 3 pairs of pants on, 4 shirts, a jacket, a mask, thick hat, and 2 pairs of gloves.

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