Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday - 1-10-2013

Well this was the day my daughter was SUPPOSED to be born on...but we got her 18 days early (nice tax break for 2012 I guess)... Work is still super crazy and sleep is few and far between because of the baby but I'm managing to drag my rump out there...despite a foot issue that is just apparently  permanent, I was able to get out for a good solid 10 on the roads and snowmobile trails.  I wanted to keep it flat (as flat as you can around here) so I headed down 113 to Silver Lake and hopped on the SOS snowmobile trails that go south along the western side of the lake. This is actually the old railroad tracks so it's nice and flat.  I did see two snowmobilers out along the power lines after dark, but no one else.  The snow was nice and packed but just a little bit loose, making it just slightly strenuous.  Good workout for the legs for sure. Total time: 1:10:44.

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