Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday - 1-6-2013

Sunday I was up early again after a pretty broken up night of the baby waking up every 1-2 hours.  She struggled this morning with an upset tummy so I was up early with her trying to calm her down and make her feel better.  Just after noon time, at the height of the day's temps and sunshine (it was flurrying pretty good during the morning before the sun came out), I headed out for a 14 mile snowshoe run from my house in Madison.  I went up E. Madison Rd for 1 mile on the road before putting on the snowshoes and heading out on the Scrub Oak Scramblers snowmobile trails for about 12 miles through Madison and Freedom before hitting the road and back to the house (1 mile from the clubhouse back to my house).  I hit junctions G, E, U, V, T, M, and Q.   Left foot cramped up pretty good right before I got to the end of the snowmobile trails and my right calf cramped up on my about a half mile from my house...good timing I guess.  Good solid run on a beautiful day.  1:57:35 total.

Weekly Wrap Up: 60 miles on 6 days (all 6 days of the new year)... not a bad way to start off the year...just got to stay healthy and keep chipping away at getting somewhat fit again...

Mike Beeman's driveway...

East Madison

East Madison

View from Goe Hill section of the trails....

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