Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday - 1-5-2012

Saturday was a busy day and while it was nice and sunny and relatively warm (considering), I still didn't get out the door until about 5:30pm. The reason I didn't go earlier is because late on Friday night I woke up with a horrible pain in my GOOD foot!  It was so bad across the top and wrapping around to the arch, that I had to hobble downstairs and get the ice pack.  I iced it all night (fell asleep with it on) and wore my night splints the rest of the night. I woke up and it was better.  I did some stretching and massage (w/ the stick) and it got much better.  I went to a few antique shops in Maine and NH with Kristin and the baby during the day and didn't get back until dinner time.   By the time I got out for my run (in the damn dark) it was my OTHER foot (the one that usually bothers me) that started to give me a little problem.  I ran through it and felt OK towards the end.  I headed up E. Madison Rd. to the top and down a little of the other side to the house that Kevin almost bought (across from Paul's) and then headed back down then past my house and down 113 to 41 and back.  Solid 10 in 1:09:31.  Lots of stretching and massage afterwards.  Need to schedule another appointment with the therapist soon.

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